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My experiments with code

മലയക്കം (Malayakkam) : Encode (Convert) Hindu-Arabic numerals to Malayalam numerals.
Indic-En : Transliterate Malayalam, Hindi & Kannada to English script
Profile Picture Framer | Support Kerala Blasters !
Convert Seconds To Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Pi, Here I come (Finding π)
Upload Images Using AJAX
5 Star Rating System With PHP
Advanced Live Group Chat With PHP, jQuery & WebSocket
Notebook Styled Text Editor
Add Spell Check In PHP Using Google
Free Google Translator API
Newton Color Disc With jQuery
Create Chess Game With jQuery
Record, Play, Download Microphone Voice With HTML5
Live Group Chat With PHP, jQuery & WebSocket
Animated AJAX Login Form With jQuery
Minify JavaScript Using PHP
PHP Login System
Advanced Crawler In PHP
Identify Remote OS By IP Address
Search Engine In PHP, MySQL With Crawler
Group Chat In PHP With Users' Typing Status
Download Zip Files Dynamically in PHP
Log In With Username / E-Mail
Check If String Is JSON In PHP
Check If A String Is HTML In PHP
Send E-Mails Via SMTP Server In PHP - GMail & Outlook
Making Text To Speech In PHP With Google Translate
How To Create Group Chat In PHP With MySQL, jQuery & AJAX
jQuery sMention Plugin - Implement @mention on Inputs
Contact Form That Sends Messages Via E-Mail
Upload Images Using ImgUr API
Web Crawler in PHP
Check If Internet Connection Exists In jQuery & Javascript
jQuery Birthday Form Field & Checker
Simple jQuery Password Strength Checker
Simple jQuery Username Availablity Checker
How To Create A HTML Code Editor Using jQuery and HTML
Change URL Without Reloading Page
Simple Text Editor Created Using jQuery
Uploading An Image Using AJAX In jQuery With PHP
Password for HTPASSWD Generator
MySQL injection free Secure Login System - PHP
Google PHP Library Simplified